A Decade Later

Mila Bee

it all feels
so different
once you get to
know the real version
at first it hurts
almost like a bee sting
but then it stays inflated
for weeks to eventually
blossom into an iris
that guides you
towards a path of independence

there you might meet
a fountain shaped
like a triangle
it will grant you
one thing but
only if you provide
good reason not to
get it yourself

then it will ask
for you to sit down
focus on the motion
of stirring gas station coffee
to the rhythm of
sweet sixteen

Mila Bee, born in 2006 in Ottawa, discovered her love for creative writing in 7th grade when her English teacher would make the students write for the first 30 minutes of class. Encouraged by her parents and friends, she auditioned for CEAO’s concentration d’écriture et créations littéraire in May 2019 and officially became part of the program the following school year. When she’s not doing homework, Mila Bee spends her time writing, reading across genres, and baking vegan food from scratch.